Take your Art to the people

We don't wait for the customer to come to us.


The online Art industry is big. Really big!

In reality, however, all the best Art websites and apps are nothing more than big, crowded digital galleries.

Why is this a problem?

Just like in the real world, a gallery is only as successful as the number of customers who walk (or click) through it’s doors.

How are we different?

The Swift Public ART platform places your Art directly inside rich and interactive digital advertising. We don’t try and bring the consumer to your Art, we bring your Art directly to the consumer.

How does it work?

Sign up and submit your Art.

Once your profile is approved you may enter our publicly voted ART Awards program.

Your Art goes live to the people!

We use the very latest technology and our media network to accurately target 10,000s of relevant customers, be they at work, at home, or on the bus.


Now here's the kicker...

Swift Public ART is a sponsored interactive platform. Sponsorship allows our digital ads to reach vast numbers of targeted customers – this means more people see your ART – and interactivity allows the public to browse artworks, vote, and collect coupons – this means greater engagement.

What’s the cost?

Get involved for FREE! When you are ready to really push your career forward, upgrade to a Basic or Professional profile.


Build awareness
  • 50 views/month
  • Mixed galleries of 4 works


Boost your recognition
  • 10,000+ views/month
  • Individual galleries
  • Artist name and profile
  • High end customers
  • Sales